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Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Giving Focus
Civil SocietyrWe support efforts to increase civic engagement, encourage charitable giving and help communities make positive change.rrEducationrWe fund efforts to expand learning opportunities and supports for children, particularly those from low_ and moderate-income communities.rrEnvironmentrWe support programs around the world that protect communities and the ecosystems upon which they depend.rrFlint ArearWe support efforts to help our hometown of Flint solve problems, create opportunities and build a vibrant future for the community and its residents.
Program Match
Climate Justice
Average Giving Size
$25,000 - $50,000
Geographic Focus
Civil Society Program - Central and Eastern Europe and South AfricarrEducation - US OnlyrrEnvironment - Great Lakes regionrrFlint Area - Michigan
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Before moving forward, strategize and identify which staff/coordinators who have been involved with Mott over the last 5 years. Decide a path for strengthening discussions and considering a proposal. rrIf necessary, draft an LOI.
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LOIs may be submitted at
Mott Foundation Bldg.r503 S. Saginaw St., Ste. 1200rFlint, MI 48502-1851rr +1 (810) 238-5651rrinfo@mott.orgrr

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