Lombok 2010

How does Civil Society Transitions advance programs and organizations?

Civil society transitions is a consultancy firm specialized in helping non-profit and non-governmental organizations to envision, launch and fund initiatives that successfully support the organizing, ideas and ownership of civil society groups. These elements are fundamental ingredients to act on your mission.

Program design and launch

Got a great idea? I can help you and your organization to shape and develop it. From organizing collaborative conferences to designing the fundamental elements of the program, I help match response to need.

Development from Seed to Tree

Lets build the idea into a fundable program, identify sources of funding and strengthen the network and partnerships that will give the best chance of success.

Mobilizing Resources

Mobilizing resources means so much more than building a fundraising team able to raise grants and market an idea to individuals. It is about developing a strategic plan for the right mix of funding that can both enable activities and sustain the program over the time it needs.

Collaboration and Constituency Building

Everything works better when we pull together resources and build from the ideas of our constituency. I can work with you to strategically expand your networks and advance your reach.