Vote for A. Scott DuPree, PhD for State and National Convention Delegate

Peoples’ Power for Colorado!

Peoples’ power is the grassroots engine for responsive democracy.
It is how we make our government respond to us.



As your delegate, I will:
• Fight for the nomination of Bernie Sanders and to build our grassroots political revolution from the ground up
• Forge relationships to strengthen our Colorado movements for justice and fairness
• Expand civic action and engagement in state and national Democratic Party platforms

About me:
I am passionate about the power and ideas of people. For more than 25 years, I have made organizations responsive to people through the strategic development of human rights, environment and community development initiatives. From Colorado to a village in Zimbabwe, I have found ways to empower and magnify the voices of people to make a better world.

Let’s take our message all the way to Philadelphia and Washington, DC in November!